Send me nudes

Facebook wants you to send them nude pictures. Weird right? Your nudes. Your naked bosom. Your bare bottom. Who even takes nude pics man? You’re just asking for trouble. Tell your babes to just come see the real thing. You’re probably wondering why Facebook wants your nudes. No, it’s not been hacked by horny teenage […]

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Tea Tree Treats

Teat tree oil is the bomb. It’s known for a plethora of things such as; being a great antiseptic, anti inflammatory properties and it’s antimicrobial properties. It is literally called an essential oil, because that is what it is; essential for your beauty bag babe.   Here’s a couple of examples on how I use […]

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World Mental Health Day

As many of you may already know, today, October 10th, is world mental health day. I’ve decided to write a short post on it as I feel the care of our mental state and others around us affects us all. @ivyatmidnight   Someone you know might have mental health problems but is dealing with it […]

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Loco for Lokkum

Last night I had the pleasure of dining at the brand new, gorgeously glam restaurant Lokkum, situated in Woodford. From the high road the building portrays old school cosy pub… But the inside is a whole different story. I cat walked down those white and black marble floors like I was Naomi Campbell herself to […]

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Day job to dream job

After a summer full of holidays, BBQ’s and partying, unfortunately, I had to come back to work. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy my job (I’m not just saying this for all you PB lot reading this), BUT I can’t help but say, that I returned with a heavy heart. Since stepping off the […]

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