A Guide To Gdansk – What To See, Where To Stay

Hey guys, welcome to part two of the low down on what to see and do in the lovely city Gdansk, Poland. I’m sad to tell you that this is the final post on ellemacuk.com Thank you to all of you who have read, commented, liked and shared every single post. Words can’t explain how incredible it feels that tens of thousands of you all across the world care about all the shit I have to say. The end of the website doesn’t mean we have to be strangers through… hit me up on social media. All accounts under the name @ElleMacUK If you have any trips coming up and need a buddy, I’m there. If you have any podcasts to be recorded and you need a wise sultry voice, I’ll talk. If you need a sagacious and insightful guest post written, I’ll write. I’ll be posting a lot more on my Instagram and using that platform as a creative outlet, so make sure you’re following and watching my stories. Anyway, enough rambling… should we get started?

If you haven’t read the first installment of this post – which you can read HERE – I’ll catch you up on the important bits. It was freezing cold, so if you’re going in winter wear layers upon layers. It was cheap against the pound, and if you’re paying on card, even better. There are so many food places to choose from, but it might not be the best city for you if you’re vegetarian or vegan. So… lets get on with part two!

Bar Crawl Spots

@TravelWithTatum and I planned to do a bar crawl whilst out in Gdansk. It’s a city that seems to love cocktail bars and clubs, so why not? Unfortunately, we couldn’t find one for the days that we were there so I had to put on my tour guide hat. I searched through blogs posts, Google maps, took the advice of a couple of locals, and 20 mins later we were on our way to drunk city on Elle Mac’s bar crawl.

  • Stop One –F°32 Hilton Hotel Fahrenheit Bar. I wouldn’t normally list a huge chain hotel bar, but this one is worth it. It has a stunning view of the river right opposite the hug Gdansk sign that lights up at night. The relaxed ambience, dim lights and amazing staff really make the experience. They have a range of cocktails available ranging from classics to signatures, and you’ll be pleased to know that they are strong and cheap!
  • Stop Two – Red light Pub. This spot comes up quite high on Google and Trip Advisor and I’m a little confused as to why. It’s a lovely cosy little spot, with rugged furniture. Despite the name, it’s nothing like the red light you get in Amsterdam, but actually has a lot of Scottish decor. The layout is crazy, with seating available of multiple levels and the bathroom being on the top. If you want to go for a proper authentic Polish feel (which I prefer when abroad), I wouldn’t recommend as it’s definitely just boosted by tourists. Despite the cheap drinks and nice atmosphere, you would find pubs like these anywhere in the world.
  • Stop Three – Jagspot. Lol where do I even start? This is a cute and unique Jaegermeister bar that literally ONLY serves drinks made with Jager. This is either heaven or hell for most people. Tatum ordered a Jager shot with beer foam, whilst I had a Jager cocktail with pineapple… it tasted like neither of those ingredients. This is coming from someone who earlier in the night was doing Jagerbombs like it was water. It’s safe to say we left. If you loooove Jaegermeister and like to experiment, maybe still give it a try.
  • Steph Three Point Five – Supermarket. To get the taste out of our mouths, we stopped off at a supermarket to get a little bottle of vodka and lemonade. We were drinking it on the street like bums but it was needed lol.
  • Stop Four – Craft Cocktails. This is up there as one of my favourite of the night! It’s so dark when you walk in, that we thought it might even be closed at first. Each table is decorated with candles and retro bric a brac findings. The staff are fab and greet you as soon as you enter to explain the menu to you. Honestly, Tatum and I felt like we were on a romantic date it was so nice. The cocktail list is extensive so whether you like sweet, sour, cheap or expensive, they have it all. Very worthy of the five star reviews it receives.

Where To Stay

Yo. I know I keep going on about how cheap everything was, but this really opens up your options on choices of places to stay.  I’ve written about three that I think are well located, well priced and sleek as hell.
Hotel Gdansk Boutique – This is an 18th century barn turned hotel right along the canal next to the match marina. It’s really centrally located, a short walk from the Amber Wheel and the Long Market.  Check it out HERE.

Gotyk House – This stunning central located 15th century building is totally Instagram worthy. It has incredibly modern and chic decor but includes elements of it’s past, such as stained glass windows, open brick work and arched doors that give it a beautiful throwback feel. Check it out HERE.

AirBnB –  There are plenty of AirBnB’s located in the old town for you to choose from that start from as little as £20 per night for an entire apartment to yourself. If that’s not a bargain, I don’t know what is. If it’s your first time using AirBnB, why not use my code for money off? – https://www.airbnb.co.uk/c/emacgrey?s=67&shared_item_type=9&virality_entry_point=13

* Big thank you to the tourist board for having us, and sorting out tourist discount cards! *

Have you ever been to Gdansk? What was your favourite part?

XOXO The End 



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  1. Jennasworld’s view says:

    4 stops on the bar crawl! I would have been dead by the 2nd stop!

    I can’t wait to visit. I probably won’t do the bar crawl tho.

    Sad to see you step away from the blogging world. You’re one of my faves who has a raw and honest pen game. Also you’re one of my loyal engaging readers. But we’ll be connecting soon on some content so I’m not worried!

    Cant wait to see what you do next sis.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. ellemacuk says:

      Haaha there was actually 2 more but I wanted to wrap up the best and worst without dragging on. There is so much to do, I think you’ll love it. I’d definitely love to experience the city in the summer!

      Thank you for your kind words and all of your support. It’s truly appreciated. I’ll defo still be keeping up with all things Jenna!

      Elle x


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