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Hey guys, this week I have a guest post written by the amazing Ade of I approached her with the simple question ‘What are some of the customs and traditions you learnt whilst living abroad that you didn’t know before?’ This incredible piece is her answer…

3 Customs and Traditions You Should Know Before Going to Singapore.

Moving to Singapore, was in one word magical. The country itself has so many different cultures and traditions; something I took with absolute pride in engaging and learning while I lived there. I lived in Singapore for over seven months and have never forgotten my experience, including it’s customs and traditions.

If you don’t know me well, you will see that I take massive pride in not offending locals of a country I live or visit. Singapore is known to be a fine city, so when I knew I was moving to the city (a place I still call home today). I knew I had to make sure that I learnt all the laws and traditions before arrival. And today is your lucky day because I am going to give you three local customs and traditions in Singapore that everyone needs to know before they visit!

Three local customs and traditions you need to know before visiting Singapore

1. Leave your shoes at the DOOR!

While staying in my uni halls, at the National University of Singapore, I learnt that keeping my shoes on when entering someone’s room or home was a big NO-NO!

Singaporeans don’t wear shoes in the house, so before you enter someone’s home or room, take your shoes off! Taking your shoes off is an absolute MUST! I recall being screamed at by one of my friends roomies when I walked into her apartment with my flip flops on! I never made such a mistake again.


Also, take off your shoes before entering any temple or mosque too!

2. Give elders respect.

It was interesting to see how my customs and traditions of living in a Nigerian household would apply so well when I was living in Singapore. You don’t have to be related to everyone, but you can and should show some politeness and respect. Calling an older “aunty” and “uncle” is a sign of respect for Singaporeans and earned me lots of respect whist out there.


3. Keep to the left of the escalator.

I’m sure standing on the left is not unusual for everyone except for those of us that live in the UK like me, but yes this is a thing! When you’re taking an escalator, follow this religious rule and stick to the left, please! The right side of the escalator is for people walking up the steps. The left is for people content to stand and wait. So if you’re slow, keep to the left. Singaporeans are notoriously known for walking at the speed of lightning and if you get elbowed for standing on the wrong side you only have yourself to blame.


Thank you for reading my top 3 customs and traditions. There are of course many other customs and traditions, but I hope these three stick because it’s important. I have a Singaporean special via coming up next month so head over to the blog and subscribe.

Do you know any customs or traditions others might not know for your country? Share in the comments below!


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