The Low Down On Gdansk, Poland

Hey guys, if you follow me on Instagram over on @ElleMacUK you’re aware that I went to Gdansk, Poland this week. To wrap it up in three words, it’s was bustling, magical and fucking freezing. @Travel.With.Tatum and I, booked our flights and apartment a couple of weeks ago, only to find out that Caroline, the organiser of @TravelEatSlay day trips had booked the same day as us! We were all on the same flight going out which worked out perfectly, as we now had a crew to spend our first day with. I’d highly recommend following Travel Eat Slay if you’re interested in taking any days trips for tasters of a foreign city. She’s an amazing tour guide, hooks you up with travel boards, creates quality and content, and is just great fun to be around. (Click the links to follow them on Instagram)
Have a read of my latest travel post HERE.

Sight Seeing Spots

  • You definitely have to visit the Long Market. It’s a crazy long pedestrianised road that hosts the town hall, christmas markets in winter, amber shops and an array of restaurants and bars. The buildings along here are gorgeous and very postcard worthy if you’re looking to take some pictures.
  • At the far end of the Long Market is the famous Neptune’s Fountain. It’s from the 17th century with a huge bronze statue of the sea God Neptune looking down on you. The legend says that it spouts liquor (sadly this did not happen when we were there) Plus it lights up at night!
  • The amber sky wheel is a short walk away from the Long Market and is very similar to our London Eye. It’s a huge wheel with seated and heated cabins that play music. It overlooks the whole city so you get a beautiful birds eye view of all your fave spots and canals. It goes round about 4 times so that you can really experience all angles of the city. I’m not the hugest fan of heights and it was fine, so if any of you are nervous – I assure you that you can do it.
  • Right in front of the amber sky wheel is the massive Gdansk city sign. It’s huge in person, a perfect opportunity for a cute picture and it lights up at night. We came back a little later in the evening as they even added a little christmas hat to the sign. How cute is it?!
  • Seasonal Option – The christmas markets are so cute! Each vendor has a little cabin that they trade from. It boasts everything from Polish potato snacks (Placki Ziemniaczane), christmas ornaments, mulled wine with rum, amber jewellery, donuts to fair ground rides.



Poland is known for cooking a lot of roasted and stewed meats and fish. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you will definitely have to do some research for spots before coming. A delicacy I was excited to try, was their traditional Polish dumplings (Pierogi.) The most popular fillings are pork, duck, cheese, potato, fried onions or even seasonal fruit if you have a sweet tooth! My favourite spot to eat is a gorgeous underground brewery/restaurant called PIWNICA RAJCOW. Yo… the staff were amazing – shout out to our girl Monica who was helpful, spoke perfect English and even took a thousand pictures of us. We drank plenty of mulled wine and even tried the five part beer taster that went down a treat. The christmas decor made you feel like you were in winter wonderland, with mini santa’s and reindeers on every table. Of course most importantly, the food was delicious, the portion sizes were filling and it was cheap! (Against the pound) Make sure to give them a follow.

I’ve decided to split this post into two parts as there is still so much more to go over, but i don’t want to bombard you with information. Check back in on January 12th for the next part. * Big thank you to the tourist board for having us, and sorting out tourist discount cards! *

Have you ever been to Gdansk? What was your favourite part?

XOXO Christmas Elle


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