Christmas Desserts For The Family In 10 Minutes Or Under

Christmas is fast approaching so if you haven’t started getting gifts yet, you need to get it together. A majority of you have said that you express love through food, whether it be dining with a loved one or finding that perfect dish that ends up being your first true love. “Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate” – Alan D Wolfelt. Get your *toque blanche ready, it’s time to whip up some deliciousness! (*White chefs hat for the non French)

Eton Mess
Yo, this is up there with worlds best desserts. How can such a simple dish be so tantalizing? It’s cheap, it’s cheerful and it’s a crowd pleaser. Have a look at the image below to see how to make this dessert in three simple steps. If you’re looking for a delicious jam to use, why not check out Jam Straight? Click HERE.Berry Bruschetta

How can I make a simple and quick dessert that looks like it was made in a Michellin restaurant? I have the answer for you right here. For those of you who care a great deal about presentation, you will be pleased to find a stunning dessert that doesn’t take up all yur time to look as good as it tastes.Apple cinnamon fritters

I feel like this is the perfect warm and toasty dessert that you need after a Christmas roast dinner. It’s not too heavy and it’s economic or those of you feeding a large group! Get the kids or your family to hep out with mixing of ingredients and you’ll be done quicker than you can say “Merry christmas and a happy new year.” My mum always used to make banana fritters when I was young, but apples felt more festive.Baileys trifle

I’ve left the best until last! Anyone want an adults only dessert that melts in your mouth? This one is guaranteed to go down a treat and get you in the mood for game time. If you’re looking to give these a “summery feel” you can use Bailey’s Strawberry & Cream and garnish with fresh strawberries instead of chocolate.BONUS – Cookie Decorations

This doesn’t really count as making a dessert I guess, but it’s fun anyway. Decorate some cute Christmas cookies! This can be done with a partner, with kids or with the whole family. Awww bonding. This one is a crowd pleaser, and if by chance anyone is disappointed in their dessert, it’s their own fault.Make sure to save this post so that you can follow the steps on Christmas day!Follow me on Instagram HERE so you can tag me in pictures of you desserts.XOXO Christmas Elleimage1

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