Finding My Husband On A Dating App

Yes, the title is exactly what it sounds like….It’s time for me to talk about my dating experiences, and what better way to meet men in the 21st century, than on a dating app? I chose Tinder, Bumble and Hinge to see what all the fuss was about and if Prince Charming was hiding amongst the swipes. Read on to find out about my quest for love!


Elle MacGrey Tinder

We all know the stereotype that Tinder is solely used for hook-ups amongst millennials. Yet, despite this, they still market themselves as a dating app, so here i am. Boy oh boy, was this a humbling experience. Five days after creating a profile I still had not one match… Was I being too picky? Am I seriously no one’s type? Is the App actually working or is there a system error? Whatever the fuck it was my hurt ego wouldn’t allow me to spend a moment longer to find out. On to the next one!

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So, at first glance, it has A LOT of white guys called Harry and Joe??? You have the option to learn their height, religious beliefs, whether they smoke or drink, their political stance AND their star sign. I feel like this is all the first date questions covered, no? I guess once those questions are out the way you can really crack on.

The lovely Will was the man who made the cut. He lives 5 minutes up the road from me, he had stunning blue eyes and most importantly he was over 5″9” – which I only just discovered was the average height of a UK male. This is the most disappointing google search I’ve ever made. We met up for some drinks at a local pub and tucked into some wine. I should’ve left Will to the drinking as I had already been for work drinks before I got there lol. On the plus side, I was SUPER confident, and we could talk about anything, meaning there was never a dull moment. On the downside, I divulged way too much personal information. Including that it had been a while since I’d had my socks* blown off. Will I be seeing Will again? Probably not. The horror of seeing someone after they’ve seen you really drunk is not something I can bare.


Hinge Profile

“The Dating App that’s designed to be deleted”. Wow, great marketing if you ask me. I settled upon meeting up with the lovely Olu. He was intelligent, Nigerian and funny. He also wore white socks with boat shoes, which distracted me the entire time. Anyway, we went for some Mediterranean food and drinks; this time I started sober. He bravely ordered my drink for me, a Malibu rum and lemonade, which appeased my sweet tooth. Mediterranean food is my second favourite cuisine after Italian, so it’s safe to say that despite the odd pairing of socks and shoes, he was in my good books.

He asked about my interests, my favourite travel destinations and the cheesiest pick up line I’ve ever heard – all appropriate and light-hearted dinner conversation. He then went on to ask me if I’d ever had a threesome and what kind of porn I watch – not appropriate dinner conversation. Will I be seeing Olu again? Well, he messaged me the next day to apologize for his very forward questions, but then went on to say that whenever I’m hungry and need someone to tell me how pretty I am, I should hit him up for a re-do dinner. A man who feeds me and compliments me? I’ll be seeing him on Saturday at 6:30pm! Sike bitch. That man is weird.

Unfortunately, this is not a cute fairy tale where it all ends happily ever after with me running off with a husband from a Dating App. We actually go full circle, with me back in bed falling asleep with a bag of crisps and Netflix on. But they will never leave me, nor tell me that they’re too busy for me, so who is the real winner here? My mum says it’s not me.

Are any of you guys actively dating?

*Socks is code for panties but I’m hoping my mum won’t bother to read this far.

XOXO Gossip Elle


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  1. Funny post! It’s weird how forward men can be on first dates, glad he apologized though. I might have to give bumble a try 😂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. ellemacuk says:

      Very forward! I would definitely recommend Bumble. I think Bumble and Hinge are worth the time put into it. Good luck girl! Thanks for reading.
      Elle x

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