I Caught A Flight, Feelings And… Almost A Case

Hey guys! Once again, big thanks for visiting ellemacuk.com to read my fabulous tales of travel and relationships. This is the final post in diary series called ‘I caught a flight, feelings and…’ I’ve had some anonymous entries on people who have had a holiday romance. Obviously I’ve saved the best till last. You ready to see the absolute madness that people have got up to?  👀👀👀

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I was in Prague on a bar crawl almost exactly 6 years ago and met the sexiest man I’ve ever seen. Our final spot was a club that did super cheap shots so of course we did as many as our stomachs could handle. I went back to his hotel and had the most awkward drunk sex ever lool. There was a lot of stumbling around, I ripped his top and I think I accidentally poked my finger in his eye at one point. I snuck out in the morning to enjoy the final day with my friends. I get on the plane home later that night and who do I bloody see sat in the row in front of me? I was so embarrassed and tried to ignore him but he asked if the person next to him could switch seats with me. We chatted the whole flight home, exchanged numbers and met up for a proper date 2 weeks later. Fast forward to today and we’re engaged and getting married in 2021. Listen ladies, sometimes a beautiful thing can come from a drunk embarrassment.

photo of couple standing on road
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com


I remember the first time I saw him at my hotel. He was tall, tanned and had the most beautiful French accent. From the moment I heard him speak, I wanted him. Fast forward to the next day, we’re at an evening beach party. I summoned him over with my sexy eyes and we danced together. As the intensity grew, we locked lips and in that moment I knew I really fancied this guy. Several days later it all came to an abrupt end. Why? Someone decided to enlighten me that he had just turned 16. 16!!! 16 years young. He also had a girlfriend back home. I was mortified to say the least. The end.

(Can I just confirm to anyone reading that sixteen is the legal age of consent in both the UK and France. So luckily, no laws were actually broken by this thirsty woman)

Mate… this blog series has been a journey. We must do this again sometime. For now, we go back to the usual routine. Chat to you next week hun. Remember to share this post with your friends.

XOXO Gossip Elle


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  1. NattyTravels says:

    Lovely story. Good luck for the big marriage for next year 🙂

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