I Caught A Flight, Feelings And…I Cheated

We’re back with another edition in the ‘I caught a flight, feelings and…’ series, and they just keep getting better and better. Thank you to everyone who has taken part and unashamedly shared their holiday romance stories. You guys ready to read this weeks anonymous globethotting* stories? Grab a cuppa, because this one is juicy.

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My first was on a girls trip for my friends 21st birthday. The guy “J” worked at the hotel we were staying at. Basically he said with his chest before the holiday ends I’d go on a date with him. Lol. One of the days he finished work at 6pm and me and my girls were sitting by the pool in a cabana, he comes over and says to my friends ’I like her but she doesn’t like me.’ I was just like 😳. We played a bit of truth or dare then my friend controlling the music puts on Janet Jackson would you mind? And my two friends just leave. We ended up making out for a bit and just cuddling. On my last day the people we made friends with wanted to take us out so we went to the bar, while there he says ‘let’s go for a walk’ now everything you’re taught says don’t leave your friend or go for walks at night in an area you don’t know. But I did. We walked to the beach, sat on the pier and just talked about everything. We stayed in contact til I went back next year and he gave me the best dick of my life. we fell out for a while but I saw him last month (he has a gf now) and we’re friends again. I would recommend, life is for living.

man and woman on beach during sunset
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives on Pexels.com


I know a couple of my people read your blog so I won’t say names or where it happened. I went on a group trip with my girls and guys that are all cool with my boyfriend. It didn’t feel awkward as we were all in a big friendship group and have known each other for years. On the second to last night the girls and the guys went on separate nights out and we got to talking to some local guys. They were super friendly, bought us all drinks and showed us where the locals go. One of them was ridiculously hot and the more alcohol that flowed, the more charming he was. They offered to drive us back to our villa as they didn’t drink so we thought it was only fair to invite them in for a night cap. The girls went out by the pool with their guys leaving me and Prince charming playing cards. We went up to my room and I swear I didn’t just cum, I full on climaxed like never before!!! I’ve never cheated before so I immediately felt guilty afterwards. Especially as the boys had just come in from their night out so I had to try and sneak him back down outside with everyone else. It kind of ruined the moment and made everything feel sneaky and dirty. I told my boyfriend what happened when we got back and he said that he’s happy that we can work through it but he doesn’t think our friends need to know. So for anyone judging me in this post, were good thanks.

Do you have a holiday romance story? Tell me anonymously HERE!

* Shout-out to Char for this terminology.

XOXO Gossip Elle


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