I Caught A Flight, Feelings And… A Beating

Hey guys! Big thanks for visiting ellemacuk.com to read my fabulous tales of travel and relationships. I’ve started a little diary series called ‘I caught a flight, feelings and…’ which ties my two favourite blog topics together. I’ve had some anonymous entries on people who have had a holiday romance. Exciting stuff I know! So over the next couple of weeks, find out exactly what they got up to when dilly dallying abroad. 👀👀👀

Have a read of my last travel post HERE

Summer sun, cocktails and a good looking Portuguese man will have you feeling some type of way! We met on the plane going to Portugal as he was going back home for summer to see friends and I was doing a week solo trip. We talked the whole plane ride and he convinced me to change to my hotel to it’s sister one as it was in a better area with more to explore. (I think he just wanted me to be closer to where he was). We met up pretty much every day and he showed me around. I even went to a club with him and his friends on the last 2 nights of my stay. We’ve been speaking pretty much every day since and he’s coming back to London in a week. Want me to give you an update on what happens when we next meet up? Cause I don’t think it’ll be very PG. Absence makes the pussy grow fonder or whatever the saying is.


This happened couple of years ago, but it’s kind of put me off “holiday flings” for a while. Have you ever watched Drake’s video for Find Your Love? Because that was essentially my life. I met one of the most gorgeous women I’ve met till this day when I went travelling with a couple of my boys in South America. We spent 16 days in Argentina and I spent pretty much every day with her. I do regret a little bit, that there were some days that my boys went off exploring and doing fun shit whilst I stayed and did other stuff with her, but I was really feeling her man. Anyway, fast forward to the end of the trip as were moving on to Brazil. She tells me to meet her at a bar we’d been going to for a final night. Thank God I turned up with my boys, because it wasn’t her that was waiting for me. Some of her local boys, cousins, brothers, I don’t know who they were, but I do know that they weren’t happy about me. It’s still mad to me that no one stopped it or called for help. When we saw them starting to grab bottles, we knew it was our time to dip. I had fun with her, but nothing worth dying over. She had the cheek to message me 3 days later apologising but my boys told me not to respond. I could tell they were angry that they’d been put in that situation but I respect them for holding it down. No more holiday romances for me… at least not in small towns in South America.

Do you have a holiday romance story? Tell me anonymously HERE!

XOXO Gossip Elle


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Ibbs says:

    Entry 2 could’ve easily been me and will start factoring this into my holiday flings whenever they happen


  2. Interesting thoughts.


    1. ellemacuk says:

      All very interesting tales!


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