Guest Post – Five Things I Always Do Before I Go On Holiday

Hannah is the blogger behind Pages, Places, & Plates, a blog dedicated to reading, eating, and travelling. Her passion is sharing her experiences with others and helping them to make the right decision for their next book, food, or travel venture. She lives in Essex, England, on the Sunshine Coast with her partner and her Giant African Millipede.

I’m a planner when it comes to travelling, and I’ve found that focusing on organisation and preparation before a trip can be the thing that sets it apart from the average holiday. If I’m going abroad I want it to be amazing, which means putting in a little bit of legwork before I go to ensure that I have the relaxing and inspiring break that I need. Here are five ways to organise before your holiday that I do every time I have a trip coming up.

Research the destination

Partly due to excitement and partly due to my need to know what I’m doing, the first thing I always do is research the destination I’m going to. Of course I’ll have done this before the purchase to make sure it’s a good one to go on, but once I’ve booked I’ll go into detail with my research, using TripAdvisor, travel blogs, and recommendations from family and friends. Excursions, restaurants, points of interest… All these and more are elements I factor into my planning because I want to get the most out of my holiday. There’s nothing worse than spending loads of money on a trip only to find out you missed something awesome only after it’s ended!

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Write up an itinerary

This is the perfect follow-on from holiday research, as once I know what I want to see and do I draw it all up into a detailed itinerary. I’m awful at decision-making in multiple aspects of my life, and I find my inability to decide really comes into play abroad when I’ve got so many choices overwhelming me. I never force myself to stick to my itinerary if something better comes up, but at least by writing one I’ve always got an option for activities and meals throughout the day in case I can’t make my mind up.

Plan my wardrobe

Whilst you may think by now that I have some sort of issue around needing control (and I won’t deny it), another thing I prepare before I go on holiday is my vacay wardrobe. This is for a different reason as I’m obsessed with packing light. I usually aim to travel with just cabin luggage (or only personal, if I’m being super tight with money) so chucking my entire clothing collection into my bag isn’t such a wise idea.

Although I don’t plan on a daytoday basis I make sure to take just enough clothes that I will need, ensuring that they are all of the “mix and match” variety so I can get a whole load of outfits from a small selection of clothing. A lighter luggage cost means more money for holiday gifts, so not a bad thing at all!

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Budget for the whole trip

Ever been on one of those holidays where you don’t budget, and then you come back home needing to take out a second mortgage and sell your other half? That’s me if I don’t plan my spending! It’s so easy to go overboard when you’re abroad – you’re likely eating out most nights, and the phrase “go on, treat yourself” comes up far too often.

It’s important to note here that I don’t budget in order to restrict my spending, but rather to ensure that I have enough on me and that my plans are within what I can afford. This is something I try and do early on, too, so if it turns out it’s going to be expensive then I have longer to save up.

Prep for the flight

Generally the flights I take are pretty short, but with travel migraines and a big sensitivity to discomfort it’s important that I go prepared. Before a flight I make sure I’ve got everything I need to hand – entertainment, comfort, snacks, and of course a trusty pack of Anadin Extra for when it all gets too much for my poor head. I also make sure that I take a good variety of entertainment options so whatever I find myself wanting to do, I’ve got it covered.

What an amazing piece by Hannah. Visit her website HERE.

What are some of the things you do before jetting off on holiday?

XOXO Gossip Elle



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