What Women Wished Men Knew About Sex

The guys got to have their turn listing all the little things that they wish women knew about sex – which you can read HERE. Now it’s the ladies turn to let the fellas know how they feel. I’m forever shouting about how communication is key to a healthy relationship and will determine how happy you are in your sex life. However, a lot of you still seem to be hesitant in voicing both pleasure and distaste. If answering this anonymous questionnaire is the start of you communicating, then fuck it… let’s get started. From raunchy to romantic – here’s what some female readers wish guys knew about sex.

  • We take time to get turned on.
  • I wish guys knew how to strangle properly without almost killing you.
  • I wish you knew how bloody amazing you are in the bedroom… 10/10 every time.
  • Doing shit outside makes things interesting.
  • I wish you knew that nipples get very sensitive near the time of the month, so you can’t just go straight for them. That hurts sometimes.
  • The stuff you see in porn isn’t actually what we like.
  • Lick it please.
  • Pummeling my cervix doesn’t equal good sex. In fact it hurts. Give me good long strokes that don’t puncture any organs.
  • I’m too tired to have sex after a long night out.
  • We don’t always want sex to last ages. Cum if you need to.
  • Don’t change the flow whilst I’m having an orgasm.
  • Please don’t yank my hair. It’s distracting.

Do any of these apply to you?

Have you told him how you feel?
Have a look at my last relationship post HERE.

XOXO Gossip Elle


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