How Do Travel Bloggers Decide Where To Go Next?

It’s always great for you guys to hear from other flourishing travel bloggers and not just take my words for gospel. We’re always travelling the world, but how do we decide what’s next? Do we have a set list? Is it by chance, throwing a dart at a map? Or do we have others tell us where’s best? Today I’ve decided to collaborate with a few of my favourite travel bloggers (soon to be yours too) to contribute on this piece on how they decide upon their next destination. Find out here with links to all of their work.

Char –

My next destination is always a mix of the ‘low to high’ and ‘everywhere’ option on Skyscanner and where is on my bucket list. This has taken me to random places like Eidenhoven (where? Exactly), Toulouse and Ibiza for less than Ā£45 return. P.S I usually have three trips booked in advance because I need a holiday after my holiday.

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Rico –

Unfortunately, I don’t choose the destination, the destination chooses me. šŸ˜‚ Some decisions are based off the affordability and spontaneity whilst others, I have always wanted to visit. I often check average prices for flights so I avoid paying more than I should. For example, I will never pay more than Ā£25 for return flights to Oslo when I know that I can go for cheaper throughout the year. Whilst balance is key, I’m often stuck between going to places I’ve always wanted to visit or being spontaneous and booking a flight, to a random city of my choice.

Caroline –

Day trips are the way forward. A quick search on Skyscanner and you can be looking at a list of various destinations. I use the “anywhere” search with a budget of Ā£30 or under and a flight time of 2:30 hours max from London. To make the most of your search, Skyscanner has got a new filter to help you search for destinations according to your preferences like best cities for food/art etc. Being flexible on travel dates goes a long way.

Johnny –

My destinations are often decided on how affordable they are and whether or not I’ve been to that country or city before. I crave variety and new experiences in my travels but I also operate on a modest budget because I want as many of those same experiences as possible. So, if it’s a place that I am yet to explore, within budget and I’m feeling it, then it gets a green light from me. It also may coincide with positive reviews I get from travel bloggers and influencers.

How do you decide where your next trip is going to be?

XOXO Gossip Elle


2 Comments Add yours

  1. MegFabulous says:

    I’m definitely taking inspiration from the featured bloggers as I always pick the destination first then deal with the costs later lol! Every once on a while I visit a wildcard destination as a result of tagging along with friends/family.


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