The Cheapest European City Breaks Broken Down For You

It’s summer, so it’s only right that I keep you informed on the best and cheapest European city breaks you need to get yourself on RIGHT NOW! I’ve compiled a list of the average cost of a hotel room for one night, a one way train ticket and the cost of beer/wine in order for you to see just how far your pound (or whatever other currency you use) will stretch. 


Prague – Czech Republic

multicolored buildings photo
Photo by Julius Silver on


Prague is the beautiful and vibrant capital city of Czech Republic. It’s often said that Prague is the city for all as it is the perfect blend of cultural history, both manmade and natural beauty and buzzing nightlife! If you can’t decide between a city break, a party trip or adventure, Prague is for you. Marvel at the John Lennon wall or maybe cycle around the city on a tour. The options are endless.

Average cost of a hotel: £32

Average cost of a one way train: £1

Average cost of beer/wine: £1.20/£2.30


Istanbul – Turkey

photography of brown concrete dome building
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Istanbul is known for it’s stunning sunny weather, so why not escape our drab British summer for a few days? You could start your day at the world famous blue mosque, buy some gifts at the grand bazaar and end your day enjoying a drink at a rooftop bar.

Average cost of a hotel: £35

Average cost of a one way train: 50p

Average cost of beer/wine: £1.80/£3.20


Porto – Portugal

architecture bridge city porto
Photo by Magda Ehlers on

Lastly on the list is the number one spot for tasting Port. It has plenty of hipster bars and cafes for the Instagrammers reading. In regards to food, you cannot leave Porto without trying their famous Francesinha. This sandwich consists of ham, sausage and steak, covered in a melted cheese and then topped off with a beer sauce and fries on the side. Feeling full yet?

Average cost of a hotel: £36

Average cost of a one way train: £2.20

Average cost of beer/wine: £1.30/£3

So… have you decided which one you’ll be jetting off to yet?

XOXO Gossip Elle


2 Comments Add yours

  1. John Aiwone says:

    50p for a one-way trip to somewhere else in Istanbul? I must be dreaming or something! Reminds me of prices for London bus journey 20 years back. Neat recommendations by the way Elle! The budget traveller is defo noting down Istanbul and Porto as future getaways 😉

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures


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