What Men Wished Women Knew About Sex…

I’m forever shouting about how communication is key to a healthy relationship and will determine how happy you are in your sex life. Some of you don’t seem to be hearing me though. If you can’t express what you want in the bedroom with your partner then I think you’re too immature to be having sex and you’re only fucking yourself over hun. From raunchy to romantic – here’s what some male readers wish their girlfriends knew about sex.


  • Masturbation isn’t dirty.
  • If round one doesn’t go to plan, there is always round two.
  • Exploring is key to a happy sex life.
  • Call me sexy too, it’s not all about you.
  • My performance each time is based on a lot of different factors, not just you.
  • Don’t call me daddy, it’s gross.
  • The sloppier the head, the better.
  • The guy shouldn’t be the only one to go on top.
  • No man likes a tit wank. That’s just for porn.
  • Please don’t use teeth, it hurts.
  • Penises aren’t constantly hard like your vibrators.
  • If I pause, it means I’m trying not to cum. Please don’t keep going.

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XOXO Gossip Elle


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