I Want To Get Back With My Ex

I feel like I can speak for everyone when I say that there is a period of doubt when you break up with someone. It might come straight away, or it might hit you late at night, listening to Usher, 2 months after you’ve parted ways. Either way… the doubts do come. And then the questions start… Do you reckon they’ve got with anyone else? Do you reckon he feels the same way? If we’ve both grown in this time, then surely it can work, no? A lot of conflicting thoughts pass through your mind and it starts to become difficult to decipher between logical thought and emotional pull. So will it work or not?

Every single person to answer the anonymous survey said that they have got back with an ex in the past. However, their views on the situation all differ greatly.

#1: I don’t think it works as once the trust is gone it can never be the same again. You can’t have a relationship with no trust.

#2: I wonder if you know what we go through to get over you. To stop the hurt. To keep the good memories good and not to let it taint my past or my view on the new. I wonder if you realize the cost we pay to love people like you. The tears cried, the hours of wondering about our own self-worth we will never get back, the money spent on reinventing a new look, the risk of sleeping with people that we both know don’t match up to you. And then having to go through it all again? Honestly, I should’ve learnt the first time.

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#3: There’s a small number of people who are so much stronger after they’ve broken up and got back together because they’ve been allowed to learn what they want, better themselves and all that jazz. However, when people don’t take into account the reason why they broke up in the first place, don’t actually get over situations and stuff like that it’s never going to work out which is what happens most often. Like people will break up because they’ve fallen out of love because the person changed or started annoying them etc then go back thinking the person is suddenly going to be less annoying. Idiots.

Personally I think you shouldn’t look back. Let bygones be bygones and all that. If my ex is reading this, no I don’t want to get back with you. I just needed a catchy title. But thank you for reading and tell your mum I said hi.

Have you ever considered getting back with an ex?

Did it work out?

XOXO Gossip Elle


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  1. novois says:

    I totally agree with this!
    Most of the time you shouldn’t get back together with your ex.
    I actually wrote a guide on this topic a couple days back because I know there are people who are absolutely certain that their ex is the one for them. If you want you can read it https://relationshipadvice.music.blog/2019/08/04/how-to-get-your-ex-back/
    But yes indeed, you have to absolutely sure that you want them back and if the relationship was abusive for example, let go and never once look back.

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    1. ellemacuk says:

      I agree, I think 80% of the time, getting back with an ex doesn’t work out and it’s for many different reasons. But mainly because a lot of people THINK that they have changed or forgiven and forgotten, but in reality it’s not all that easy. Will give your post a read now. Thanks!


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