A Trip To Oslo, Norway

I recently went on a short but sweet trip to the capitol of Norway – Oslo, hosted by Caroline of Travel Eat Slay and I must say, she did a fabulous job. Follow her HERE. She even got me on the wave of taking National Express coaches to the airport! We paid £8 my guy. Eight pounds. Never again will my wallet have to suffer the wrath of the taxi man.

Let me tell you straight away is that Oslo is for big ballers only. If you’re looking to go on a budget trip, you better just turn around because this is not for you. There is a reason that the question “Is Oslo expensive?” comes up as one of the top searches on Google. However I’m going to let the prices slide as I had such a fabulous time in Oslo.


Vigeland Park was our first stop and it was stunning! It’s the world’s biggest sculpture park made by one artist – Gustav Vigeland. This is something that cannot be described and therefore you must see for yourself. For such a large park, it’s eerily peaceful (which was later disturbed by the girls on our trip shaking their asses to Buss Down Thotiana). The 192 sculptures vary from bronze statues of nude people dancing, nude angry babies, nude embraces, to the Monolith – a pillar carved into hundreds of bodies clambering over each other to reach the sky. Basically a lot of tasteful nudes.

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After plenty of exploring we were starving and decided to drag our asses to Mathallen Oslo. I would describe it as being similar to BoxPark – a pop up food market with a multitude of cuisines and a communal hall dining experience. There was so much choice! After much deliberation I settled on a katsu curry (not very Norwegian, I know) whilst the other ladies had pasta dishes, donuts and smorbrod – a Scandanavian open sandwich similar to bruschetta.


Next stop was the Neoclassical royal palace. It’s a stunningly huge building consisting of 173 rooms. That’s absolutely insane. What does one even do with all of that space? I found it really cool that you can just walk right up to the palace without any grand gates or anything. Where else can you do that? During the summer it’s open to the public and you can go on guided tours and walk the grounds. However, when we arrived it had just started raining, so we opted for going to a bar instead lol.


My top tips?

  • Take bus, train, tram, boat… basically anything other than a taxi.
  • Eat and drink cheap – buy from the supermarket when you can or google places that aren’t too pricey.
  • Make sure to exchange money to the Norwegian Krone (they don’t use Euros); there’s always kiosks in the airport where you can do this.

What would your tips be for people visiting an expensive country?

XOXO Gossip Elle


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