Ok so I’m just going to dive straight into something that is often viewed as a taboo subject to talk about … sex. Go grab some snacks cause this is about to get juicy. 

These anonymously answered questions are based around pure bodily desire rather than the emotional side of sex as I thought I would write about that on another day. I know for those of you who took part in this survey want to know if anyone voted the same as yourself! *Answers are rounded up/down to the nearest 5%.


Have you ever used toys with a partner in the bedroom?

55% answered YES

45% answered NO

Do you enjoy performing oral sex?

80% females answered YES

20% females answered NO

40% males answered YES

60% males answered NO

These results were pretty much as I expected, however one of my girls was surprised. “Every porno or sexual scene in a movie I’ve ever watched begins with a guy going down on a woman. Is that not the norm?” Mate. All I have to say to that, is not everything you see, you do.

Do you enjoy receiving oral sex?

60% females answered YES

40% females answered NO

90% males answered YES

10% males answered NO

Oh so you want your dick sucked but you don’t wa… you know what bye.

How long does your foreplay last?

5% answered I don’t do foreplay

(You lot sticking it in dry are wild. Clearly you don’t know pain)

40% answered 0 – 5 minutes

45% answered 5 – 20 minutes

10% answered 20 – 40 minutes

0% answered 40 minutes +

Hair pulling?

70% answered I like it

30% answered I don’t like it


Is anal sex enjoyable for you?

40% females answered I have not tried it

40% females answered YES

20% females answered NO

50% males answered I have not tried it

10% males answered YES

40% males answered NO

During oral sex do you prefer (people) to spit or swallow?

60% answered Spit

40% answered Swallow

A quickie, multiple rounds or a marathon?

15% answered a quickie

70% answered multiple rounds

15% answered a marathon

Do you judge sex on the first date negatively?

20% answered YES

35% answered NO

45% answered It depends if I see them again

Is period sex ok?

30% females answered YES

70% females answered NO

40% males answered YES

60% makes answered NO

Although everyone seems to have their own personal do’s and dont’s, I think the results clearly show that there is no wrong or right when it comes to sex! 

As I said, sex can often be a taboo subject to speak about. Which is annoying because one, if you’re an adult having consensual fun sex, what is the fucking issue? And two, I have so many questions that people don’t want to answer. Like… was Rick Ross lying when he said diced pineapples make my baby taste the best? I know my bf would think it weird if one day I ate an entire pineapple, then half way through his feast and in between my moans, I was suddenly like “Do I taste different today?”

OR is it acceptable to express my disappointment? Often, when my mates (both male and female) have been talking a sexual encounter, there have been things that left them a bit … unfulfilled. It’s always made me think “why did you not say anything?!” I guess if you’re having a one night stand, there should be no shame in saying “less teeth Megan, and get the balls too”.  It’s a bit different if it’s your partner though right. You don’t want to hurt their feelings by BASICALLY saying you are not satisfying me in one of the most intimate ways possible that I have solely given the responsibility and love for you to do. How do you even tell them? Do you just keep a running commentary throughout? Do you write up the good and bad points and present it after? If I am sexually unfulfilled, how do I say without hurting his feelings, cause mi love him?

I’m going to start taking your anonymous questions about sex that you’ve always wanted answered and get them answered by readers. Real people. Real questions. Real answers. Let’s talk about sex baby …

XOXO Gossip Elle


One Comment Add yours

  1. ricotravels says:

    The power of communication when it comes to sex is undermined. It’s cool at the end to discuss your/partners performance post nut in bed 😂😂😂 But it’s also important to make them feel comfortable enough for them to tell you what they want whilst having sex..
    That’s all I have to say😂


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