10 Tips On How To Be More Environmentally Friendly

1. RECYCLE. We all do our little bit at home, but you need to start taking your employers for recycling bins at work.

2. Microbeads in exfoliators are made from teeny tiny bits of plastic. Opt for products that don’t include microbeads as an exfoliant. Alternatively you can use consumbales like coffee grinds or salt with a little olive oil to create your own!

3. Be sensible with water. Ask who wants a cup of tea before you put the kettle on for the tenth time. Take showers instead of baths and lastly, please turn off the water when brushing your teeth.

4. Buy plants not flowers! Plants rebloom every year with the right care.

5. Reuse shopping bags. I think plenty of us already do this, but for those who don’t, think of the turtles ☚ī¸

6. PAPER STRAWS… Or metal reusable ones. Whichever floats your boat.

7. Recycle your clothing. Tonnes of clothing end up in a landfill every year when people are going without. Bras and socks can go in the give away pile too.

8. Coffee cups. You can now get re-usable coffee cups for your Starbucks and be a better person instead of adding to the thousands of paper ones that get used a day.

9. Make use of cards and wrapping paper again. With Christmas, mother’s day, birthdays, Valentine’s day and so on, we get through plenty of cards and wrapping paper a year. Often ones including glitter, or premium wrapping cannot be put in the recycling bin. So instead try and use parts of it again.

10. Turn everything off. The car when waiting. The heating. The air conditioner. The TV. The phone charger. All of it is aiding the death of Earth. Very dramatic, I know but it’s true.

XOXO Gossip Elle


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