Interview Time – Zoe Power

So you’ve made it to the final piece in the series, Interview Time with Elle Mac. Big up yourself for reading and thank you for supporting these small artists and businesses. This week I interviewed a wonderful small business owner named Zoe Power who’s breaking into the cosmetics industry with a bang! Follow her business on Instagram here – @Naturally.Untamed

– For those who don’t know you please briefly introduce yourself…
So my name is Zoe Power, I’m Founder and CEO of Naturally Untamed, I create
cosmetic products from raw ingredients such as herbs, oils, butters and waxes. I’m
also a University Undergraduate studying Herbal Medicine which I LOVE!
– You’ve gone from being a university student, learning about different
herbs and ingredients, to creating a whole business with them. How
did you make such a grand transition?

I actually chose my degree because I was so interested in making natural remedies,
specifically for topical use. I was fascinated at how plants can be used as medicine –
just as they have been for thousands of years. Since I started my degree, my plan
was to hopefully start a business in making herbal products once I had graduated. I had been practising candles for about a year and room sprays. I spent that winter making chest rubs, candles and lip balms for my family and friends. I absolutely loved being in the kitchen and coming up with various creations.
I remember one night saying to myself “You know what, I need to write all of this down, every little idea!” I had like two full pages of every possible product for each season, occasion and category I could think of which I intended to work through. I started to brainstorm possible names for my future company and ideas for a logo. I asked my friend, who studied business management at university, what I would need to do to start a business and she gave me advice on steps I would need to take such as trademarking, buying a domain, deciding on whether to trade as a limited company or sole trader etc.
I reached out to one of my lecturers and he explained that there would be certain regulations I would need to follow, and I would actually have to get the product tested.

– What has been the hardest part about running your own business?
Wait, can I only pick one? Lol. Hmm, I think what initially seems the hardest is just that clueless feeling you have, not actually knowing what you’re doing, especially when you’re starting your business and doing everything for the first time. But once you’ve figured that out or you’ve done it once, it becomes like clockwork to you.
I would say the hardest thing currently would be time management, balancing my
studies with my business. I’m definitely need to work on that!

– With so many people becoming entrepreneurs in this day and age it
can be a struggle to stand out. Have you got any tips and tricks on how
to create longevity?

I think it’s important to stay authentic and true to your passion. People like seeing
your journey and growth, they like to see that a business is run by a human, at least
from my experience. There’s a difference when you see someone that creates their
work themselves and dedicates their time and care to it in comparison to a company
that may personalise pre-made goods, do you get what I mean? At the end of the
day if people see that you love doing what you’re doing, they’ll most likely want to
support you! Of course, always stay professional, don’t look for the quick and easy
way to get to the top. Document everything. Have patience, keep people interested
in your work besides from just trying to make sales.

– If your ‘ingredients bag’ could only consist of 3 items what would they
be and why?
Ooooo interesting. Out of herbs, I would have to choose Calendula (Pot Marigold) it’s
a favourite amongst herbalists, it’s just such a gentle herb that is amazing for the
body inside and out, it works wonders for the skin, it’s anti inflammatory… we’d
probably have to have another interview just talking about the benefits of Calendula,
we’d be here all day.
We have to add an essential oil and once again an all-rounder savior for me is
Lavender. It’s so gentle, comforting and calming to me. Now whenever I smell it, I go
to a place of comfort. It’s good for the skin, helps with burns like sunburn.
Of course we need an oil, I think I’ll go with plain sunflower oil. I wanted to choose
Olive Oil but it can be quite heavy and has an odour I think I’ll go for sunflower oil as
it’s odourless and is great for infusing herbs.

Check out Zoe’s business Instagram here @Naturally.Untamed and her website here

XOXO Gossip Elle


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