The Playboy Bunny Experience

So here’s an account into working at the Playboy club and casino London. This post will be great for those of you who are thinking of applying to work there or just an insightful piece for those of you who have always wondered what goes on behind those security protected doors. Why did I write this post? Well, when I became a Playboy bunny, people were suddenly interested in my job like never before. Endless of questions of what I actually do, who I’d met and how much I earnt. (A weirdly invasive question btw).

Playboy is a world known brand mainly associated with sex and glamour. I’m here to tell you that working as a valet at the London club and casino would need very different words to describe it. First up, here is the difference between a Playmate and and a Playboy bunny. In short, the former are the lovely women you see in the Playboy magazines and bunnies are your workers – hostesses, waitresses, croupiers and so on. Our job is literally to represent the business side of the brand whilst wearing the bunny uniform.


I was told to apply through a friend who had also just submitted her application, and luckily we were both asked to come for an interview day. I’ll admit, I went along solely for the experience of it all. I wasn’t expecting my long gangly brown self to be cast for the role. Back then, my image of a bunny was a petite blonde beauty, which I later learned is bullshit. They pride themselves on having something for everyone. Whether you’re White, Black, Asian, Latina, blonde, brunette or ginger… there is a spot for you. It genuinely is one of the most multicultural places I have ever worked!

There are a lot of rules that you have to adhere to… some quite dated, but if you want to be a part of the team, you pick them up quickly. Here’s a few examples:

  • Bunnies are not allowed to sit at any time. If needs be, you are allowed to do the bunny perch.
  • Bunnies human ears must be covered by your hair at all times.
  • Bunnies are strictly forbidden from handing out and personal info (full names, social media, phone numbers) or meet up with any customers outside of work. This is seen as fraternization.
  • Full face of make up must be worn every shift – smokey eye shadow, blush and lipstick.
  • Bunnies are not allowed to keep their own tips. Everything must be put into the “tip box” which is then split between all valet staff and then added onto your pay slip.

Here are some anonymous accounts from bunnies both ex and present. I have chosen to keep them anonymous so that they can express honestly what they think are the best and worst parts about working for Playboy without fear of backlash.

100% my most favourite part about being a playboy bunny was getting to wear the iconic bunny costume everyday. Wearing it makes you feel confident, sexy and powerful. Who wouldn’t love to wear the costume?!
I love that I got such an amazing life experience out of it, something that I wouldn’t have got anywhere else… meeting celebrities, athletes, customers from all different backgrounds in life. I’m still on a hype with the amount of times I met DRAKE!
And on a plus, I know so much about alcohol & cocktails with the 5* knowledge our bar staff shared with me. So I promise I could host an insane party! Haha
Least Favourite:
Unfortunately, the down side to being a Playboy Bunny is the organisation and management of the club/casino. The club held many events both in-house and off-site, but being chosen for an event was always picked very unfairly. You had to be a “favourite” of the management team and the same girls are always chosen! This also didn’t help when lots of girls work together and the same girls are always getting picked for events, new unique bunny costumes & photo shoots as it caused a ridiculously bitchy environment.
Don’t get me wrong though we all had such a laugh and I made some friends for life, it wasn’t bitchy everyday.



I loved how sexy and empowered the costume would make you feel. When you finally pass probation and have all the fuss made over you when you have your fitting with the seamstress is great. You get your personalised cuffs and one of a kind costume that only fits your body. We get all different costumes for different events too so no day is ever the same! I also liked the fact you got to meet so many celebs, Chris Eubanks, Alex Pettyfer, Anthony Joshua, Chuck Bass (I can’t remember his real name) they were all so down to earth.

Least Favourite:

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working for the company, but they really need to work on how they treat their staff. There are some managers or supervisors who go above and beyond for you to enjoy your place of work and make sure that your shifts don’t affect the fact that you’re a real human being with a life. However there are some staff members who forget that we are ALL a team, and as much as there is a hierarchy, we are all here to just work babe. With the right approach changes can be made, cause I’ve already seen it get slightly better. Still a little way to go though.

So… now you know what it’s like to work at the Playboy club and casino London,will you be applying soon?

XOXO Gossip Elle


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