Interview Time – Nic Hundrds

So you’re here for the latest Interview Time with Elle Mac… get a cuppa and settle in cause this is a good one. The incredibly talented Nic Hundrds and I, sat down to discuss all things music and his career. He was late meeting me, but I forgave him cause it turns out he’s pretty funny too. Follow him on Instagram here @NicHundrds

– For those who don’t know you please briefly introduce yourself…

I am a music artist called Nic Hundrds. I’m not going to call myself a rapper cause I make all different types of music. Every genre, I do.

– For someone new tuning in, what song of yours do you think people need to listen to first, that will get them into your music?

That’s a good question. My first mixtape Don’t Cry I, I started working on way back in 2016 and it didn’t come out on all streaming devices till 2017. So to me, even though it was only a year old, it felt like I was a totally different artist by the time people were jumping on it. I’ve got to say Nasa to be honest. Nasa and Needed me are actually my fave tunes by Nic that get rinsed on my Spotify on the way to work so I’m glad he chose this one. That’s more my sound. The new tape that’s coming out with Ras is exactly the kind of music I want to be known for though. It’s music you can play at home as well as in the club.

– Does your input stop at your lyrics, or is there anything else that you’re involved in?

Yeah, when Ras is making the beats sometimes I’ll ask if we can tweak things. But most of the time he gets everything so perfect I don’t even need to talk too much. All my videos are my visions, like I know in my mind exactly what image I want to portray with each song, so I do have my input when we are directing videos 100%.

– How would your friends describe your music?

Unexpected. Spiritual, and by spiritual I don’t mean religious or nothing but sometimes the music does something to you. I think they’d say I’m diverse and definitely honest. Things I write about are things I’ve actually experienced, there’s no decoration on it just for the sake of a song.

– What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made so far in your musical career?

100000% not being consistent. Every time you put music out, someone is listening to it. Even if it’s one person, someone is listening and therefore once that song is over, that person is now waiting on you for the next hit. Due to other things in life, I stopped for a while and I shouldn’t have let that happen really. Sometimes I think back like wow I put my first project out in 2016 so that could be 3 years progress right now and I could be in a whole different place. But the lack of consistency means I’m not as far along as I realistically should be. I recently read on Twitter where they said you could grind hard for 6 months and that could put you 2 years ahead of someone who’s not optimizing their time. It’s mad when someone says their waiting on something from you cause it’s 50% guilt like fuck, let me actually get back into it, and 50% like wow thanks for listening maybe I’m doing all this right. I just need to be consistent so that I can constantly say people are enjoying.

I am a big fan and have all of Nic Hundrd’s music saved on my Spotify playlist that I listen to on the way to work. You should listen too! Find all his music here @NicHundrds

Follow him on Instagram here @NicHundrds

Who’s your fave up and coming artist at the moment?

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