Interview Time – AF From Da East

So you’ve made it to the third installment of Interview Time with Elle Mac. Well done and thank you. Every view, share, comment and like go a long way! This week I interviewed an incredibly talented young rapper named AF From Da East aligned perfectly with the new release of his latest hit Safe Haven. Follow him on Instagram here @AFFromDaEast and watch his latest video here @Safe Haven

– For those who don’t know you please briefly introduce yourself…

I’m AF From Da East. I’m from East London… or Essex. It’s a big debate as to whether Barking is East or Essex. I’m currently at uni and I’m graduating this year so that’s big and obviously, I make music. Real good music.

– What drew you to the music scene?

Around the time Contralla by Drake came out I made a freestyle to the beat. This is before I’d ever even heard the actual original tune. I left it for about 5 months before I played it to anyone, but when I did eventually play it to my boy his response was mad. He basically said, if I don’t do something with it, he’ll post it everywhere himself. So boom, I put it up on twitter. I go off to go clean the living room for my mum. What a good boy. When I came back to my phone, I’m seeing like a thousand retweets and it’s popping. I was like what the fuck this is mad. A couple months later I was feeling like a celebrity cause I was at uni and one or two girls would come up to me like “are you that guy that does freestyles on twitter?” The feeling was nice. But yeah from there it promoted me to created my first tune Do Me. In like 2 weeks I had 100k views and that really made me think this is something I can do cause the people seem to like it.

– What do you struggle with most as an artist?

I think I have personality, but I think my social media presence isn’t strong enough. I like to pree twitter and retweet jokes and stuff, but I don’t know what to tweet about myself. Do I tell people every single time I’m in the studio or what I’ve eaten? I’m also lacking on Instagram, but that’s mainly cause I don’t think I’m very photogenic. Ladies, he’s very attractive, so I don’t know who told him this. I’m starting a campaign for more AF selfies please.

– This is a really narcissistic question but what’s your favourite song of your own? After explaining what narcissistic meant, this was his answer…

I think Come My Way is my fave. The studio session creating that was just amazing. Normally I go studio with one of my bredrins but he bailed out, so instead I brought my boys from secondary school. It’s a slow song so I wasn’t sure how they were going to receive it at first. I was preeing their reactions and they were bopping their heads and having a nice little drink. Not too long later, we all started harmonizing, people were vibing and the engineer went in. It ended up being one of my best ever studio sessions and I think the song should’ve done better than it did. I’m a realist and I know that song deserves more love. I’ve got to stay humble and know that my time is coming though. Rapman has been around for almost 10 years and suddenly he’s blown and was chilling with Jay Z last month. It’s all in God’s timing.

– If I was to look at your Spotify, Tidal or Apple music right now, who would be your top played artists?

A Boogie is cold. Polo G. Summer Walker. I listen to Nothing Was The Same by Drake all the time if I’m revising. Skepta. Roddy Ricch obviously. Wow we have the same taste in music. It’s fate.

– Safe Haven is now out on all platforms. How would you describe it to those who haven’t listened yet?

Safe Haven is basically a story. Girls don’t accept the fact that sometimes you can be busy. You can be at uni or working or whatever, but if you’re not giving her all your attention she wants to assume that you’re cheating. Like babe, I can be busy and still want only you. Through the song I’m just saying like you still mean something to me, but I’m just out here grinding. No one’s forgot about you. Is the song to anyone in particular? Haaha ummmmm. Not this one, but I’ve taken inspiration from past situationships.

– Have you ever had sex to any of your music?

No I haven’t. I’ve never really thought ‘I would like to listen to my voice right now’. Some of my boys have! ANYWAY HI MUM, I’m a virgin. Would you ever? When I marry my wife… it’s going to be a straight playlist of AF.

– Lastly, the most important question. Can I have a bar written about me in your next song?

Next song 100% You want it to be bait or a subliminal one? It’s up to you, I just want something I can play to my girls and be like “he’s talking about me you know”. Don’t worry, I’ll even send it to you first so you can hear it.

Guys you heard it here first. I am somebody’s muse!

Follow AF on Instagram here @AFFromDaEast

Who’s your fave up and coming artist at the moment?

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XOXO Gossip Elle


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