It’s so easy to say we all need to open up more…

This post is strongly opinionated, so if you’re a snowflake, go and read one of my other fabulous posts that won’t make feel so uncomfortable.

Recently, there have been a lot of discussions on mental health – especially after the suicide of some prominent male figures in the entertainment industry. I’m always 50/50 on how to feel when this is the case. As much as I am grateful that a discussion is being had on such an important topic… why does it take tragedy to trigger it? Why does someone have to suffer for us to realise we are not doing enough? It’s fucked up, that’s what it is. The discussion of yours and others well being should be so prominent in your day to day life that it should be part of every day discussions. NOT a tip toed around general check in on your pals when they haven’t left the house in 3 weeks… or when someone dies.

Finding the fearlessness to actually speak to people is a whole task in itself. It takes courage and a lot of digging into yourself. But once you start, life becomes a lot easier. People start to understand you and in turn become more understanding to your behaviours. You are able to find resolutions to conflict you wouldn’t have seen on your own. You can be passed onto the proper authorities to help if you’re afraid to step forward yourself. And you solidify a deeper more meaningful friendship. 

What I say next is not an attack but rather something to really think about. I have seen, dare I say, hundreds of tweets of people saying things along the lines, that we should all open up more and men shouldn’t feel ashamed to talk to their friends. This is all very easy to say, but I ask you, are you the kind of person someone can talk to about their problems? Are you prepared to be unbiased or just a listening ear? Are you mature enough to perhaps take on someone else’s problem if they are unable to cope? In order for the people who are suffering to be able to feel comfortable opening up to us, we have to be the kind of person worthy of opening up to.

Here are a couple tips that will make the whole process easier and more beneficial for both parties

– Do not probe if the person does not want to divulge more information (unless you are gravely concerned by what they have said)

– Once you have asked a question, be quiet and actually take time to listen to the answer

– Don’t give your input or “If it was me, I would…” unless asked to do so

– Tell them you care and are always here for more chats

Do you have any tips for those wanting to lend a hand to others struggling with their mental health?


XOXO Gossip Elle


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