Interview Time – tlowe.

Big up yourself for reading the second installment of Interview Time With Elle Mac! This week you get to read the thoughts of the wonderful North London rapper and model tlowe. Typing this interview up took a while, as listening back we kept going off topic, plus a lot of wine was drunk as the questions went on… Follow him on Instagram here – @TheBlackTLowe

– For those who don’t know you please briefly introduce yourself…

I’m tlowe. a 23 year old artist from North London and I’m just proper passionate about what I do. How do I explain myself as an artist? I’m a student of hip hop and a student of culture. There’s a difference between being the best and the greatest. For example, in boxing, on paper Floyd Mayweather is the best, he’s never lost a match, however Ali is the greatest as he had flare and caught the hearts of the people. I want to be like Ali. I want to be the greatest.

How would you describe your style in 3 words? (It took him about 5 minutes to answer this as he couldn’t think of just 3)

Raw, honest and ambitious.

What qualities does a rapper need and do you posses them?

It’s mad cause anyone can rap, there’s not a singular set of rules. What you don’t think someone needs flow? You don’t think someone needs stage presence? Anybody can rap. There’s loads of rappers out right now that we can say is terrible, but it’s working for someone. Rap is a communal genre. To be a hip hop artist though, it takes a lot of emotional depth and a lot of self therapy. A lot of people now a days think they can just jump into this shit, without telling a true story. Hip hop is the new age negro spiritual in the sense that it tells someone story and keeps that person afloat. Listen to my music, and you’ll hear me tell MY whole real story.

We have the surface rappers, who just talk about money and jewels. The battle rappers, who love to step on each others toes, and we have the poetic and political story tellers. What are your views on the hip hop scene at the moment?

Mos Def said a long time ago that when you want to ask about hip hop you need to ask about how we are doing because we are a direct reflection of it. If we are fucked up, hip hop is fucked up and so on. What hurts me is that in the UK, aggressive forms of rap like drill have taken over. As much as some people are really living these lives, and it’s an important way of release for them, HOWEVER the trickle down effect on that is that some of these kids are listening to this thinking this is the way of UK life. There’s loads of kids that aren’t on that shit and are just mad regular. Diversity and healthy reflection of UK life needs to come back.

What is the best thing about being a rapper for you?

I’ve got people waiting to hear from me. Even if it’s one or a hundred people asking when I’m next putting something out, it’s a beautiful feeling. You just get it when artists say I’m nothing without my fans. You could be sat at home fucked up over a situation and someone could message you like “woah I just listened to so and so. When are you next putting something out?” That little sentence can drag you from your bed to studio like nothing else can. It’s the most amazing feeling. I have a song called memories about my cousin who lived with me and then one day just got up and left. I put my heart into that song, but it was still MY story. So it’s amazing to hear someone say they could relate and they’re happy to know someone could put into words how it feels for someone to leave. Cause it’s proper hard to express yourself sometimes, so it’s magic when you hear someone else perfect exactly what you want to say for you.

To wrap the interview up, I wanted TLowe to freestyle for me but the instrumental was messing up and killing our vibe. Sometimes being a superstar sucks. However, you can listen to his music and follow him on social media here guys – TLowe:Timelapse // @TheBlackTLowe

Who’s your favourite up and coming artist at the moment?

Leave a comment below.

XOXO Gossip Elle


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