A to Z Of Date Night Ideas

It’s been pretty much a month since valentine’s day, but that doesn’t mean the excitement of doing something fun and creative with your partner should stop. And for those of you who are tired of using dating apps or dating sites and cheesy chat up lines, these are some great first date ideas also. I just want us all to feel the love. Here is an alphabet list of date ideas!

A – Afternoon Tea                

B – Brunch

C – Cycling through London                

D – Dancing

E – Eat In                

F – Food festival

G – Glamping

H – Happy hour

I – Ice cream

J – Jogging 

K – Karaoke

L – Live comedy

M – Massage

N – Nap together

O – Outdoor cinema

P – Pottery class

Q – Quiz night

R – Road trip

S – Spa day

T – Theatre

U – Unusual food tasting

V – Visit a new country

W – Wine tasting

X – X-Rated film

Y – Yoga class

Z – Zoo


Do you have suggestions for the perfect date?

Leave a comment below.

XOXO Gossip Elle












4 Comments Add yours

  1. ricotravels says:

    I’ve been wanting to do C for a while with Santander Bikes at night time through central London.

    I once did an outdoor cinema on a sunny, warm evening in Hyde Park.
    Picnics are great.
    I’d like to learn how to cook a new meal with someone

    I know I’m single but sometimes having a companion to do these things with is fun

    Lovely read

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ellemacuk says:

      Oooo a night time cycle would be perfect. Quieter road and the city is electric at night.
      Yo don’t necessarily have to do these with a partner. Friends welcome too!
      Thanks for reading.


  2. I had to book mark this and save it. Even though I am single at the moment and have no one to do this with, it doesn’t mean I cant keep notes lol.

    This list is proper doable and couples can work their way through it from A-Z ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ellemacuk says:

      Haaha we in the same boat girl. I’m trying to inspire others when I don’t even have anyone to do these hings with myself. Howeverrrr I’m super prepared for when he decides to come along. Thanks so much for reading!
      Elle x


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