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Hi guys!

So as you all know, I had a short break from writing in order to do a re-launch of my website. What do you guys think of my new theme and logo?! I’m absolutely in love. Alongside a new theme comes a new timetable, so you can now expect new content every single week for the rest of the year. If I’m feeling generous, maybe even more than once.

As I consider this a travel and lifestyle blog, it’s only right that I start with a post that ties the two together with a list of travel essentials that make your life so much easier. *Some items in this post are sponsored/gifted*

Who needs hangers when you have Jangers?

One of my pet peeve’s is turning up at an apartment/hotel and they don’t have any provisions for me to store my clothes. I’m then forced to live out of my suitcase for the remainder of the trip and it all just ends up a complete mess. Sound familiar? Here’s were Jangers come to the rescue.

You can hang everything from hats to flip-flops to make travel easy and keep holiday “living-out-of-suitcase-free”. They’re 60% smaller than an average hanger meaning no bulk. Janger also donates 5% of every purchase to Please Take Me There; a charity that provides free transport for seriously ill children, adults, and their families, helping them access the lifesaving healthcare they need. 100% recyclable, made with three times less plastic than a standard hanger. If that doesn’t sell you on why this is such a good product, I don’t know what will…
Click me to buy your Jangers!

Backpacking It

Ok, so I know plenty of you love your matching suitcase sets and how aesthetically pleasing it is when it matches your airport outfit. But I’m here to tell you that it’s not a MUST HAVE. First of all, with most airlines you are not required to pay for hand luggage. Secondly, who wants to be wheeling a travel suitcase up the cobbled streets of Italy or down muddy slopes in the Philippines?

I never considered myself a typical backpacker, but after using this military style 30l backpack, why would I ever go back to using a case? I once travelled around south east Asia for 6 weeks with this backpack alone and had enough clothes to have a new outfit for Instagram every 5 or 6 days. The variety of pockets ensure that your dirty and clean clothes are never touching; your passport and money have their own section and your shoes can have their own spot too!

Click me to buy your backpack!

30 litre backpack for travelling

The Eco-Friendly Beauty Queen

Whether you’re avoiding chemicals that are harsh on your skin, you’re trying to cut down on plastics or you just want juicy lips, this next product is for you. I have a terrible habit of licking my lips every 2 minutes and in thinking that I’m lubricating my lips I am actually stripping them of a lot of natural oils.

This lip balm from Naturally Untamed was not only given as a gift to everyone I gave a stocking to last Christmas, but it’s a staple piece in my travel beauty bag. If you’re somewhere crazy hot which is causing your lips to dry out, the calendula oil will sort you out. If you’re somewhere so cold that your lips are starting to crack, the beeswax will work as protection for you. Plastics and non-recyclable card is often used in the packaging of products, however, this packaging is all biodegradable! Mother Earth says thank you for your purchase.

Click me to buy your lip balm!


Have you got any travel essentials that you think others need in their lives?

XOXO Gossip Elle



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