A day in the life..

This week, I’ve teamed up with Lauren from DiaryofaSpanglishGirl.com to be a part of her exciting series “A Day in the Life in…”. We’ll be bringing you similarities and differences between London, United Kingdom and Alicante, Spain. Make sure to check out Lauren’s post over on her blog where she compares our locations.


My alarm buzzes and it’s time for me to get ready for work in the city. I leap from my bed into the shower, from the lovely steam to my bowl of cereal and croissant, and from the breakfast bar to my cosy office. Except this is all a lie… Reality is that although my alarm did go off at 7, my body was too tired to move until 7:20. I was too late to eat breakfast so had a slice of toast to go and spent the next 20mins with my face very close to someones morning coffee breath on the packed central line. (Underground tube line in London) Documenting my lack of structure in the morning for all the world to see has made me realize I need to make some changes! It’s 2019 Elle. Get it together.



So, it’s the day before valentines day, and although I don’t have a man in my life, I still want to do something cute. I love little artsy projects and I wasn’t about to let this day pass without me doing something to mark it. A couple hundred rose petals and some dangling hearts later, I had created what I am now calling the “Love Lounge”. How pretty does it look?

Valentines Lounge Area


My feet are slightly swollen from walking around in 6 inch heels all day, which indicates that it’s time for me to get home and get my feet up. Back on the boiling central line I go. As I stare out the blackened windows, I wonder what I’m going to have for dinner tonight. Pasta? Rice? Noodles? If you know me, you know that these three carb loaded items are the holy trinity of my diet and I would eat all three at once if I could. I decide upon simple Indomie Noodles with diced sweet peppers and onion (big up my Nigerian readers out there).



It’s time to crawl into bed and choose something to watch. I feel like I’ve watched a majority of all the great things that Netflix has to offer at the moment, so if anyone has any suggestions that would be fab. I settle on starting a series called Ozark that I have heard great things about, and boy is it intense. If you haven’t started it, I would definitely recommend. Beauty sleep calls, so that’s all from me! Night x


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