Relaxation Day Is Every Day

Yesterday ( August 15th) was National Relaxation Day for those of you who didn’t know. The drama queen I am, leads me to believe that I live the most stressful life in the world and therefore little treats for myself are essential. This can come in the form of shutting myself away for the evening with snacks and Netflix or even going on an online shopping spree during my lunch break at work.

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So I proposed to some of you what your fave ways of beating stress are and here are the results!

  • Taking the dog for a walk. Everyone knows that dogs are mans best friend. After a shit show of a day, why not spend some time getting some fresh air and chilling with your best pal?
  • Going for a drink. I mean… this is probably not the healthiest relaxation method. BUT I STILL APPROVE IT. Who doesn’t love a nice cold pint? Or a G&T? Or multiple Jagerbombs? Or a nice warm Henny? The list could go on, but I think you get it.
  • Bubble bath (scented candles and Stevie Wonder playing over the speakers optional). Baths are supposed to be treasured. Taken on only the most stressful of days. Taken only when there is no one else in. Taken right before bed, so that you slip into the most beautiful sleep. If baths don’t relax you, slap some of that Radox shit in there and you’re bound to be good.
  • Rub one out. This made me laugh because this is SO taboo to speak about. Unless you’re on twitter. People on there are freaky and don’t care who knows about their masturbation habits.
  • Reading. Whether it be, getting lost in a book or scrolling through blog posts, reading seems to be a favorite for peoples down time. I love this, because it’s so easy to forget your surroundings, your worries and your to do list when you’re so immersed in literature.

Have you guys got any relaxation techniques or little things you use to treat yourself to avoid stress?


<Read my previous post The Lone Traveler

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