The Lone Traveler

Hell yeah. I’m finally back. 

I was going to write a nice travel piece about my mini break to Lake Garda, Italy, last week. However, I wasn’t sure how that story would flow considering I only confirmed I was going and booked a place to stay 8 hours before I was in the air, and ended the trip with a broken nose. I feel like it’s a story for a whole other day. This trip ended up being my first solo holiday and I loved it. So here’s why I think we should all push ourselves to travel solo:

You will surprise yourself

Yeah, I was a little bit scared. I’ve always said I’m tired of waiting for other people in order to travel, and that I am just going to book holidays by myself. Yet I never actually got round to doing it due to fear. Will I enjoy going to the beach alone? What if I get kidnapped? Are people going to think I’m a loner in restaurants? Who is going to take awesome pics of me? Brush all that shit off, because once you’re there, you will force yourself to do things you would NEVER do at home. I found myself exploring vineyards and shopping for hours with no one to rush back for. I made new friends in the form of restaurant staff, fellow travelers and all the good boys who would let me pat them. You will explore more. Being a lone traveler with throw you right out of your comfort zone… and sometimes that isn’t a bad thing.

You explore more

When traveling alone, sometimes you lose out on little luxuries like taking a taxi everywhere as it can add up. I’m here for a good time not an expensive time, alright. I strongly believe that using public transport helps you to explore and be more immersed in a city anyway. I can take cute pictures out the window, I can talk to other people, I can pass by places that I’ll put on my list to visit the next day, I can chose to detour on a whim. The possibilities are endless.

You become an independent boss

There is no one to ask “What do you want to get up to today?”or “Where are we going for dinner tonight?” or even “Have you got a hair straightener I can borrow”. It’s up to you to get yourself packed, do your research on the country/city you are visiting and up to you to make firm decisions. I know that in day to day life, we are all independent adults (I’m assuming you lot reading this consider yourselves an adult), but it’s totally different when you’re in a new country. Being away from all things and people that are familiar, give you space to truly be independent and explore. You’ll come back feeling a much better person after.

Would you ever travel alone?

Do you have any reasons you think solo travel is the way to go?


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5 thoughts on “The Lone Traveler

  1. My first solo holiday earlier in the year was in Italy as well – but in Naples. You realise when travelling alone how much time you have for yourself when you’re not accommodating for your friend or family’s interests.
    For me solo travelling is the way to go. There’s so much to see and learn about and you can’t rely on others to help you do that.
    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures


    1. I’ve been to Naples with my family when I was younger. Did you enjoy it?

      I think I’ve caught the solo travel bug and will definitely have a few more up my sleeve for 2019. Thanks for reading x


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