Lashes World By Victoria

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the beautiful Victoria, creator and owner of Lashes World By Victoria. From trainee lash girl to becoming lash technician for celebs and starting her own line of mink lashes. I love a girlboss who’s killing it and all thought we could learn something from her story.


– For those who don’t know you, please briefly introduce yourself.

For those who haven’t met me before I’m Victoria. I have been in the beauty industry for a number of years now and each year learnt more and more which led me to venturing out and creating my own line for lashes. Starting with treatments for the past 4-6 years, opening the doors for clients who cant get individual lashes, then created strip lashes!

– You’ve gone from being a trainee technician, to working at a brilliant clinic, to launching your own lash line. How did it all come about?

Well, I’ve learnt a lot over the past few years working with beauticians, doctors, surgeons and entrepreneurs so from this, I kinda wanted to be someone too and have my own trade. I didn’t just be the Operations manager for the clinic I work at currently. I grew within the company in a short period of time and kept having ideas to ideas and knew i had to make a change in my own personal life not just grow at work. Noticing how all ladies are caring for themselves much more often then we used to, I wanted to make this happen.

For all you party people out there, you are formally invited to the launch of her strip lashes being held at Essex House on the 2nd March. Come down to support and say Elle sent you!


– The new mink lashes have amazing names such as “FLAWLESS” and “STUNNER”. What’s the inspiration behind that?

When wearing either ‘BUFF,STUNNER OR FLAWLESS’ I wanted to create an image for the girls when wearing my branded lashes, to feel like the names of the lashes. 😉

Right now I’m seeing indepent companies popping up all over the gaff. From clothing boutiques, to swimwear lines and make up artists working from their bedrooms. We’re really living in the age of the entreupenur.

– With so many people becoming entrepreneurs in this day and age it can be a struggle to stand out. Have you got any tips and tricks on how to create longevity?

Hhaha that would be telling ! All jokes aside, the only advice i can give, is be who you are naturally. BE AUTHENTIC. Don’t try to be someone who you aren’t because eventually it will come back and bite you. Stay focused, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and it’ll go along way. Keep positive people around you, avoid any negativity and keep a clear vision of what you want.

Take that as you wish. Whether it’s for you to mind your own business and don’t stick your nose, eyes or fingers into others… or whether it be to pay attention into minding your own business every day. Either way I love it.

– Where do you see the company going in the next 5 years?

Good question!
In the next 5 years, I will be in multiple stores/from small to well-known businesses, MUA, bloggers ect and my brand will be established. I want to not only create quality lashes, but still create a service for my individual business to expand, possibly a training academy. I would like my brand to be known and to be used constantly keeping up to date with styles, service and everything else use girls get addicted too!

I always love this question because it really shows of the persons ambition and gives them a chance to vocalize the dreams they might have only given a slight thought before. Once it’s  out there, it’s up to you to achieve it!

Find Victoria on Instagram here – @Lashesworldbyvictoria

OR you can visit her clinic here –

Swiss Care Clinic
386-388 Green Lanes
Palmers Green
N13 5XQ




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