This is your life

2017 is finally done, and if no one has filled you in already, we’re bossin’ it this year.

I’ve seen so many people uploading pics on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter of their year in pictures and videos for everyone to reminisce over. Cute. But now we’re one upping that.


If you’re like me and constantly have that sign appearing on your phone saying that your storage is almost full and your first instinct is to go and delete a couple of pics and videos, then this post is for you babe.

Not only is this an efficient way of keeping pictures (I mean come on, how else are you going to show your kids those pics of you drunk in Marbella?) but it’s also an awesome cheap and very personalized gift idea.


Free Prints is an awesome app that I personally have used for a couple of years now. The guys at Free Prints treat you to 45 FREE prints per month (anything over or different sizes you will have to pay for). All you need to pay for is the postage, which is normally only a couple of pounds. Let me hear you say bargain! Throughout the year I’ve also collected little bits of memorabilia or arts and crafts pieces that could be used in my end of year scrapbook.

Scrapbook – Tiger £2

Brown Tags – Tiger £1

Rainbow Tape – Tiger £1 for 2 rolls

Bronze Sticker Lettering – Poundstore £1

I wanted to create this little keepsake for myself to look back at all the fun things I did, all the places I’ve been, all the fond faces I got to experience these things with, how much I’ve changed since then and how much I’ve achieved since then. If you were to make one, why?

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3 thoughts on “This is your life

  1. This actually a really good idea especially when you are forced to delete pictures from your phone. I used to scrap book – I still have it but its incomplete so I may go back to it – thanks for the reminder! X


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