Send me nudes

Facebook wants you to send them nude pictures. Weird right? Your nudes. Your naked bosom. Your bare bottom. Who even takes nude pics man? You’re just asking for trouble. Tell your babes to just come see the real thing.

You’re probably wondering why Facebook wants your nudes. No, it’s not been hacked by horny teenage boys. It’s actually so that they can protect you. In simple terms, they basically want you to send them your naked pictures, in return an e-safety commissioner then accesses the image and “hashes it”. Essentially blocking it from ever being uploaded onto Facebook, Facebook messenger or Instagram ever again. Which is super helpful in cases of revenge porn and things like that.

You’ll be surprised how common revenge porn is. For you lot who are out here sending nude pictures you have to be very careful as these could be leaked anywhere at any time and can have detrimental consequences. Revenge porn is most often uploaded by a scorned ex partner. And for those of you who have ever thought to share people’s nudes images without their consent are dickheads and could go to jail. Yeah jail…

Facebook claims that they will not hold onto the images so don’t worry, there’s no chance of anyone hacking them and releasing millions of people’s nudes worldwide. You can relax. Your genitals should be safe with them. (I mean, that’s the whole point of this).

I’m not sure how I feel about this…

Do you think it’s a good idea and a smart way of preventing revenge porn?



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