Tea Tree Treats

Teat tree oil is the bomb. It’s known for a plethora of things such as; being a great antiseptic, anti inflammatory properties and it’s antimicrobial properties. It is literally called an essential oil, because that is what it is; essential for your beauty bag babe.


Here’s a couple of examples on how I use my little bottle of tea tree oil.


I just fill a little spray bottle with warm/hot water and put in a couple of drops of tea tree oil. The warmth of the water helps them to mix a little easier I find. A couple sprays onto your face, a cotton pad to wipe your mug down and voila.; face toned.

If you don’t fancy doing DIY, you can get tea tree water from lush that contains a couple extra ingredients too!


So basically, you can read all over health pages and beauty blogs that tea tree oil can be super beneficial for your hair and scalp, and I find this to be true. Since I started my hair journey (which I’ll be blogging about soon) I have been very careful about what I use in my hair. I find that adding a couple of drops of tea tree oil and coconut oil to your conditioner and then leaving it in for 10 mins works wonders. This deep conditioner is to die for.

If you don’t fancy getting your hands mucky with loads of ingredients, yo can get tea tree conditioner from Dr Organic for a fair price!


I am one of those unlucky people that bugs just seem to love taking a nibble on. Unfortunately, I also get really bad reactions to a lot of my bites, sometimes ending up in a trip down the hospital. So instead of finding a reliever (although tea tree oil undiluted can also be used as one) I chose to find a repellent. All you need is a base oil such as almond oil or coconut oil, a couple drops of tea tree oil and hey presto! Those bugs are off to bite somebody else’s booty cause you’re set.

I don’t have a store alternative for this as I haven’t come across any … If anyone has any suggestions swing them my way.

How do you like to use your tea tree oil?



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