Loco for Lokkum

Last night I had the pleasure of dining at the brand new, gorgeously glam restaurant Lokkum, situated in Woodford.


From the high road the building portrays old school cosy pub… But the inside is a whole different story. I cat walked down those white and black marble floors like I was Naomi Campbell herself to be seated by our amazing waiter Huseiyn. He was absolutely perfect with suggestions of drinks (I tried the Lokkum special cocktail which I’ll tell you more about in a min); he was charming, hilarious and had just the right amount of stubble.

My beautiful date had the Lokkum burger which looked so lush I wish I’d had it myself. You know when the food adverts make the food look too sexy and delicious to eat? Well the food on Kath’s plate looked exactly like that; picture perfect baby. I’m a cheese lover, so watching it melt down that burger legit made me look like that emoji with the love heart eyes 😍😍😍

I had the Karisik Sis which is marinated lamb and chicken breast on a skewer and it was amazing. The portions are huge for all you fat asses so you’ll love it. I even had enough for a goody bag to take home! Perfect amount of seasoning and perfect amount of rice and salad on the side to compliment it – I don’t even like tomato touching my food, but it all looked and tasted so good that I licked that salad bowl clean.


Soooooo onto cocktails… my fave kind of alcoholic drink. Kath stuck to her usual Pornstar Martini with a shot of prosecco on the side whilst I opted for the “Lokkum Special”. Omg it looked like some kind of magical potion and tasted like heaven in a glass. LOOK AT ITTTTTT.


The strawberry milfoy dessert is to die for, however, I’d suggest sharing it between two because I literally had to undo my bodysuit whilst eating it. Whoever invented the merging of cream, strawberries and shortbread is a genius and I love you.


Rating? Strong 8.5/10.

I only wish we were allowed to stay until closing time!

Here’s their website to make your booking: www.lokkum.co.uk

Tell them Elle sent you.


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