Lights … Camera … Action

IMG_0890Omg I am back.

The date: Thursday 11th May 2017

The location: Genesis Cinema

The occasion: the Blame The Consumer / Diabetes Awareness Foundation premiere a.k.a a bomb ass event.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the work of the legend R.M Moses, let me give you a quick intro. He’s the full package, he produces, directs, creates poster artwork, edits, and after Thursday nights performance, we found out he’s a pretty good host too. I know first hand that he is awesome to work with and creates great content after working with him on an awesome short film called Sapiens last year.

I played the role of Elle, who starts off as a normal woman making her way through life and ends the film with her life changed by new super abilities. ANYWAYYYYYY… Thursday night was not about me. It was about all the incredible actors, actresses, cinematographers, ambassadors, producers and writers behind all the projects shown; it was about R.M Moses, Blaise Tykal, Tola Teriba, Gary Gudgeon, Jennifer Freeman, Monet Morgan, Dijon Talton and every other person behind the scenes putting the night together.

The BTC premiere’s are always something to look forward to as people come ready dressed up and ready to wuk up. Convo was flowing between people that hadn’t emerged from their houses for months, to people who hadn’t been seen since the last BTC event and those over active youts who were out just yesterday.

A number of films were shown – coverage of the diabetes awareness black tie dinner event, Reflection, Before We Crash and even the trailer for Co-D. (All can be watched on and After the films, the bar was open. I’m not going to go into too much detail about what happened at that point but just know that certain people were enjoying the new faces that attended, certain people were confessing their love, certain people were popping bottles, and certain people were looking incredible in silk shirts.

The calibre of films available on different streaming services are pretty crap at the moment if you ask me, and that’s coming from someone who watches stuff on Netflix and Amazon every single night … Soooo if you’re looking for a couple of awesome short films to watch whilst tucked up in bed, then go visit these sites, watch the incredible films, share what you’ve seen and let someone else enjoy too.

Go and visit my instagram – ellemacuk to see pictures and videos from the night.

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Much Love,

XOXO Gossip Elle.



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