Sugar, Spice and all things Louis Vuitton …

Let’s take a dip in the sugar bowl …

Urban dictionary gives the definition “Like a genie – he may be a little old, but if a girl rubs his lamp, he’ll grant her wishes.”

I feel like I have been seeing sugar daddies and sugar mummas popping up everywhere recently. It seems like the most common users for a lot of these sugar relationship websites are university students. Which makes sense, due to the rising cost of uni fees/impending doom of debt once you finish uni/wanting to save to have your own place once you finish uni.

I wanted to get to know a couple of ladies reasons behind becoming a sugar baby, based off a famous instagrammer being exposed recently. So here’s some anonymous answers to a questionnaire. Each answer is from a different sugar baby!

Why did you choose to pursue a sugar relationship?

I first heard about the site where guys pay you to go on a date with them and I thought, why not? I work in retail on a zero hour contract at the same time as studying so I don’t earn a lot but I also don’t have time for something full time. I wouldn’t accept an offer for a date that was under £50. Easy money to go on a date that last 2 hours. I would make an extra £150 a week which helped with uni stuff but then I wanted more so I moved onto to find a regular sugar daddy.

Do you keep your sugar relationships a secret and if so why?

Yeah I do. Only because so many people view it in a negative way. I’ve been seeing 2 different guys for about a year now and they were both really respectful and had sex when I wanted. I think a lot of people see it as prostitution but it’s not. These guys aren’t paying me for sex. They’re paying me for my time and my company … sex just happens to be part of the equation.

Do you use websites or go out and meet men to source a potential sugar daddy?

I do a bit of both. I used to just use websites but a lot of them have been advertised too much and are now full of wannabe sugar daddies or splenda daddies rather. Meeting men out is sometimes harder but a lot more worth it I think.

What type of men do you normally encounter?

Sometimes men lie on their profiles. Mainly businessmen.

What can you offer that sets you apart from other sugar babies?

I have ambition. There’s a lot of young girls on these sites these days that just want to get a nice handbag and take instagram pictures in the south of France or sometimes just pay their rent at uni. I have been doing this for 3 years now and I know 100% what my end goal is and why I am doing this. So far I have saved up £20000 towards opening my own beauty business and buying a house. The PROPER sugar daddies know when you have ambition and like it.

Tell me about your worst experience with a sugar daddy

I have two stories. The first guy I was talking to for about a month before we even met up. We went for a fancy meal and I tried to bring up an allowance although it was awkward. He said it was crude to talk about in public and we’d discuss it later. We went on a second date and no pay still. I spoke to girls in the sugar baby forum and they let me know that he goes out with girls without paying them for ages and tries to make them feel bad for asking!

Second story was a sugar daddy I met within 2 days of talking. We had sex on the first date as he offered me £1200 and I was meant to be going to Marbella with my mates so it would help. 2 months later I went for a job interview and it was with him and another woman. He kept questioning how I funded myself during the gaps in my CV and asking if I liked to travel during my spare time. It was so humiliating.

Tell me about your best experience with a sugar daddy

I was talking to a guy through for a couple of weeks. He was from Italy and asked me to come. I’d never been before so asked if I could bring a friend. He paid for both me and my friend to fly over for a couple of days, showed us the city, gave us money for a night out, took us to dinners and I didn’t even have to sleep with him!

I personally struggled as I was always brought up with ethics to earn your own money. Does relying on an older man make you less of a woman? Does it make you immoral?After reading some of these girls answers would you take a dip into the sugar bowl?


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