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MusicElle Talent … See what I did there? Anyway let me get started.

So … I was lucky enough to have a quick interview with an incredibly sexy, young talent on the scene that goes by the name of Young Soul. He raps, he sings, he produces and he cooks.

It was supposed to be a real quick getting to know a little bit about him blog, but we ended up talking for ages cause it turns out we’re both chatterboxes (I didn’t get to start cooking my dinner till like midnight). I wanted it to be raw, sexy and more interesting than the other 101 interviews he’d probably done over the last couple of months.

What was the first song you ever wrote and what was it about?
– I used to rap with my cousin … The first time I put pen to pad was when one of my friends that I went to primary school with passed away. I just felt I had to write a song about her. I recorded it with a little USB microphone on my laptop so the quality was crap. But it was cool cause my local newspaper wrote about me and that song so it was nice to get recognized.

YS (That’s what I’m going to call him cause I cba to type Young Soul every time) explained how his local newspaper picked up on his talent and it made him realize like ‘rah I’m wavey, this is what I want to do with my life.’ I was in the newspaper once. I mean, it’s not on the same scale as YS cause I was just caught in the background of a couple of pictures of some strippers … but I was in the news at the end of the day.

How would you describe your whole vibe in 3 words?
– Weird. Spacey (ps. he’s made this word up. It’s basically the same as wavey) (pps. if you’re from Essex it’s like proper spot on mate). Unpredictable.

What’s one thing people will be surprised to know about you?
– I’m half English and half Indian. No one can ever figure out where I’m from.

When I asked him who he thought his biggest competition in the industry is, he tried to pussy out. Personally I wanted him to call someone out so I could start a Remy Ma VS Nicki Minaj kind of beef but na. Eventually he settled on everyone in the scene right now. He’s coming for all of your asses.

Who is your dream collab?
– Dead is 100% Micheal Jackson. Alive, definitely Bryson Tiller. That Trap Soul Album is my favourite!

Rapping is all about wordplay, so you must be quite articulate. Who are your favourite authors?
– I don’t really read that much which is bad. I consider artists to be authors as well, cause you’re telling a story through your music. So I’m going to twist your questions and sayyyyy J Cole. He’s a sick story teller.

If I was to look on your iPod/Spotify/Apple Music, who would be your top played artists right now?
– Right now it would 100% be Kehlani , Stormzy, Bryson Tiller and J Cole.

Personally I adore Kehlani. Have you lot heard her new album SweetSexySavage? Bloody amazing mate.

So you’re single at the moment. In your song “Girl of my dreams” you speak about having plenty of girls hitting up your phone. What attributes does the girl of your dreams need to have to make you settle down?
– The next girl I get into a relationship with has to be my wife. (awww) I think everyone has this image that I talk to bare girls. I am that guy … but I prefer having one girl, chilling watching Netflix and it being just me and her. I need someone supportive and someone I can be my weird self with and she can with in with my family.
It can be difficult having a girl in this industry.  Like, my fan base is mainly female and some of them want you to be single and some of them like it when you have a girl and your happy and are like OMG GOALS. I feel like if you’re going to show her off you have to be certain.

The lyrics in your song “Queen” feel very real. Have you ever written a song about a girl?
– Everything I write is real. They’re all real experiences I’ve gone through.

After a little bit of digging I found out that Queen was written about an old ex If you’re reading this … girl, you fucked up.

Have you ever had sex to one of your songs? … Guys he literally took a proper long deep breath and smiled when he answered so I guarantee it’s been on more than one occasion.
– Yeah … The music I have out on YouTube and stuff I can’t really have sex to cause it’s not sexy music But I have unreleased stuff that I can do my thing to. I’ve got new music out on Eros Avenue that’s kind of sexy, but I wouldn’t put  on  a whole playlist of myself.

You have a new EP out with Jordan Morris. From what I’ve heard it’s a love tale. Could you explain a little it more?
– It was mad. Because the stuff I was going through at the time of writing, he had just gone through it, so when we were writing it was so organic and natural. “The Only” is the first track and it’s about finding someone new, you’re on the first date or whatever and it’s still early days. The second track is called “Go Ahead” and it’s basically me saying like I want to be with you, just give me the go ahead. She’s had some bad experiences so she’s a bit reserved so I’m trying to say be with me. The third track is “Lost in you”. That’s where we’re both deeply in love, we’re having fun and enjoying this relationship.
The fourth track is called “So Soon”, where I’m starting to think like rah, we both have our issues that we haven’t addressed so did we jump into this too soon? And then the fifth and final track is called “Run” this is when you’ve reached the point where you’re like fuck this I can’t do this and I want to run from the situation. On a personal level I relate to it because the girl I was with was an artist too and a lot of things put a strain on our relationship and when we were actually writing the lyrics to Run, I had literally just broken up with her. I was even at her house arguing an hour before writing so that’s how real and close it is to me.

The whole EP is basically the whole relationship process of falling in and out of love. I think that’s fucking awesome cause everyone who’s listening can relate having either been in one of those stages.
Anyone who knows me knows that I love my RnB and slow jams … but I hate that sometimes they are not relatable. I don’t think Jamie Foxx, Jodeci and Usher understand that, no … nobody is coming to pick me up in a lambo, I had to take the central line … nobody is taking me shopping to spend a couple bags, he’s an estate agent, that would be crazy … nobody is dancing on my doorstep, trying to win me back after they broke my heart and I walked away.
I love the fact that this EP is relatable so I can scream YAAAAASSS at the speakers whilst Jordan Morris and Young Soul speak the words of my heart.

Unfortunately Jordan Morris and YS have just completed a run of live shows, so you won’t be able throw your panties at them just yet ladies. HOWEVER, YS is going to be releasing some solo projects over the next couple of weeks and will be performing in West London in April. (I’ll confirm deets in a couple of weeks)

In the mean time you can listen to Eros Avenue on Spotify. It has features with Paigey Cakey and Tee Valentino so be sure to check them out too! Videos are being released on YouTube in the order of the EP so be sure to be on the lookout for the awesome visuals they have been putting together, and if you want to be a video vixen in their next shoot be sure to hit them up.


Be sure to follow Young Soul’s social media so you’re kept up to date with what’s popping.

YouTube/Twitter/Instagram: ImYoungSoul


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